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 Project Specifics & Positions ( Some Positions Available )

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PostSubject: Project Specifics & Positions ( Some Positions Available )   Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:44 pm

<Game Name Here> will be a 2D medieval fantasy "Dungeon Basher". The project's source will be written in Visual Basic 6 and will use DirectX8 as its graphical and media library.

Graphics at the moment are undecided upon as to what type of style I will have, yet they will be custom.

Development Lead: Aaron Bartlett
Programmers: Aaron Bartlett, <Available Position>, <Available Position>
Pixel Artist: <Available Position>
GUI Artist: <Available Position>
Plot Developer: <Available Position>
Content Developers: Aaron Bartlett, <Available Position>, <Available Position>
Music & Sound Developers: <Available Position>

The game will be completely written from scratch besides the DirectX8 Class Module which credits go to Gaiken for that. While the class module is not written from scratch, it is highly modified to work with my source and to perform its abilities better. The class module was created for the purpose of easily invoking the abilities of DX8 without as much of the hassle.
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Project Specifics & Positions ( Some Positions Available )
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